Why Does Coin Jewelry Never Go Out of Fashion?

Why Does Coin Jewelry Never Go Out of Fashion? Smart shoppers know that classic designs will be appropriate for years to come without looking dated. While new trends bombard us, a handful of designs transcend short-term fads and become timeless classics. Even fashion experts agree that building a wardrobe around classic designs and only supplementing with trendy items is a wise way to make the most of your budget. So let’s consider why a coin pendant or coin watch will always look great like the navy blazer or the little black dress. 

 For thousands of years coins and medallions have been appreciated not only for their monetary value but also for their lasting beauty. Royalty were the first to mount treasure coins and wear them as jewelry. Praise of historical figures and ideas minted into artistic portraits and iconic symbols to evoke strong sentiments have always been the object in coin design, especially in a precious, everlasting metal. These attributes of coins and medallions, which make them a perfect conduit to convey devotions, ideals and identity, lend themselves naturally to what jewelry and watch designers seek to express. 

 In short: expressing one’s personal devotions to God, country and cultural identity by donning precious metal tributes in art always will project wealth, character and style.
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How to Make a Coin Jewelry Gift Special Using Coin Mintage Year

A great way to make a gift special is to feature a coin from the birth year of the recipient. Coins are an authentic piece of the past that uniquely share a likelihood of being appreciated in the far-future. This is why many of our products become heirlooms and are used and treasured by the children of the purchaser. We sometimes supply requests for coins from 100 years before a birth year, which announces a historical aspect to an item to be ever-valued. 

Aurista makes hundreds of coin jewelry and coin watch products that let you choose the year of coin mintage. Look for the “Shop By Coin Year” fly-out menu on the top left of any page on www.coin-jewelry.com. There you will easily find all the available products that feature coins minted in the year you seek. 

 Some of the most popular coins for various eras include: 
  • Gold Eagle Bullion Coins 2001-present 
  • Silver Eagle Dollar Bullion Coins 1986-present 
  • JFK / Presidential Seal Half Dollars 1964-present 
  • Ben Franklin Half Dollars 1948-1963 
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1934-1947 
  • Peace Silver Dollars 1922-1935 
  • Morgan Silver Dollars 1878- 1904, 1921 
 If you are not sure what you want, contact us for friendly assistance at 800-689-3335 or [email protected].
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