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State Quarters Silver Plated Collectible Spoon USMINT-SP1-QUS1

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State Quarter silver plated collectible spoon. Pure silver enhanced coin, available for the first ten US states
Part Number: USMINT-SP1-QUS1
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Silver plated collectible spoon featuring the popular State Quarters. Each coin is enhanced with pure silver. The stem is emblazoned with the name of the state. US Treasury brand; made for the US Mint. Unique numbered certificate, certificate of authenticity and lifetime warranty against defect. The first ten states available.

Connecticut Delaware Georgia Maryland Massachusetts New Hampshire New Jersey Pennsylvania South Carolina Virginia USMINT-SP1-QCT1 USMINT-SP1-QDE1 USMINT-SP1-QGA1 USMINT-SP1-QMD1 USMINT-SP1-QMA1 USMINT-SP1-QNH1 USMINT-SP1-QNJ1 USMINT-SP1-QPA1 USMINT-SP1-QSC1 USMINT-SP1-QVA1

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