At the heart of Aurista's coin creations lay a secret process. Since the invention of electroplating over 150 years ago many have pursued methods for selectively applying metals to surfaces. What is unique about Aurista's process is the micro-precision in which even the most finely detailed minted relief is traced with pure gold.
Don't be fooled! Aurista's fine quality coin jewelry has been widely imitated by those using paintbrush type methods, coupled with inferior mountings. All of the products shown here are of heirloom quality. Our exclusive LensCote protection will preserve the brilliance of the coin artistry for generations.
We are proud to state that all Aurista branded products are made in the USA. Aurista products have been sold only under fine names, including the U.S. Mint Gift Catalog.
I welcome you to study our plating closely by clicking on the images to enlarge them. Let us know what you think at [email protected]. Better yet, order an item to examine our quality. If you do not fall in love with it within 30 days send it back to us for a full refund.
Very Truly Yours,
Ronald Graf