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Morgan Dollar Pocket Watch PW387-MD2
Morgan Dollar Pocket Watch w/ Chain

Morgan Dollar Pocket Watch PW387-MD2

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AureTone 100 year old Morgan dollar inserted into stainless steel pocket watch and LensCote protected.
Part Number: PW387-MD2
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The Morgan Dollar spanned America's taming of the West to the invention of the automobile. John D. Rockefeller was known to plunk these "cartwheels" into the pockets of lucky newsboys for a paper. Although we cannot say your coin will be one of those, we can certify that each Morgan Dollar will have over 100 years of its own unique history. Inserted into the front of our hunter-case Stainless Steel pocket watch. The top cover protects your watch from scratches and debris, while making it a unique accessory. Add up to 5 lines of personalized engraving.

Certificate of authenticity, uniquely numbered signet and lifetime warranty against defect.

Model number: PW387-MD2
Movement: Japanese Quartz
Coin Insert: Morgan Dollar
Dial Finish: Silver & 24kt Gold
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 53mm

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