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Morgan Dollar Pendant NCM6-ML2-24D
Morgan Pendant

Morgan Dollar Pendant NCM6-ML2-24D

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This Morgan Dollar pendant features Aurista's exclusive AuteTone (TM) process whereby 24K gold is applied with extreme precisions to selected highlights. For necklace select an optional gold plated 3mm French rope chain to hang the Morgan Dollar pendant mounted in a 14K gold filled screwtop bezel.
Part Number: 1516

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Each pendant contains an authentic high quality Morgan Dollar enhanced with extreme precision with 24K highlights. The mounting is a 14K gold filled screwtop bezel that allows both sides of the coin to be clearly viewed. The reverse eagle side is all over gold plated. To make a necklace select a 20" or 24" optional 3mm gold plated French rope chain. Item comes with a jewelry presentation box, certificates of authenticity and lifetime limited warranty. 

The Morgan Dollar is the aristocrat of US coinage. Made from silver mined from rich strikes in the 1800s westward expansion, it's lineage brings to vision gun slingers taking a shot at a dollar coin to prove their deadly speed and aim.  Although the Morgan you would receive spent most of its ~120 years in various US treasury and personal bank vaults, it's still possible it also changed hands in a stage coach holdup or as a reward for bringing in an outlaw. Dates range from 1878-1904.

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