Cartwheels Inc. of Wilmington, DE was the predecessor company of Aurista Technologies. Founded by Robert Graf in 1975, Cartwheels was the first company to nationally market bi-tone coin jewelry. The company's iconic ad in Smithsonian magazine featuring a 24kt gold and silver bi-tone Walking Liberty money clip ran continuously for 15 years! Cartwheels money clip owners still contact us every day telling us of the many years of enjoyment they've had owning them, and looking for more. Cartwheels was sold to a new owner in 1989 who closed the company in 1998. Ronald Graf, son of Cartwheels founder, Bob Graf, started Aurista Coin Classics in 1987; picking up where Cartwheels left off...producing the highest quality coin jewelry available and featuring the incredible precision 24kt gold coin enhancement that made Cartwheels famous. Today, Aurista Coin Jewelry offers the world's largest selection of heirloom quality coin jewelry and coin watches, all made in the U.S.A., including lifetime warranties and certificates of authenticity.