The origin of Aurista Coin Jewelry dates back to 1973 when its predecessor, Cartwheels, Inc., of Wilmington, Delaware, began adding pure gold to the selected relief of Morgan Silver Dollars. The extreme precision by which the plating was applied stunned the coin world. The beautifully detailed marriage of precious metals achieved instant acclaim among collectors.

In 1987, Ronald Graf, son of Cartwheels founder Robert Graf, started Aurista to provide Cartwheels with its growing requirement of precision gold and silver enhanced coins. After Cartwheels was sold by the Graf family Aurista continued to provide Cartwheels with merchandise until it ceased operations in 1998. Aurista meanwhile expanded its expertise into the fields of custom minting and watch making. In 1995 Aurista had the honor of being the first company to supply coin watches to the US Mint gift shops and catalog.  These Swiss Quartz watches were sold in the US Mint's catalog under the US Treasury's brand, Mint Time™, until 2003.

Today, Aurista remains the quality leader in coin jewelry and watches, as well as precision selective gold and platinum plating. Our team combines artisan craftsmanship with top technology to offer high quality American products, all having a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime guarantee against defect. Aurista's coin jewelry and watches continue to be proudly on display for purchase at the United States Mint gift stores, numerous presidential libraries and other fine establishments worldwide.

Aurista quality features include:

  • Hand picked extra-fine and uncirculated coins
  • Selection of coin year where applicable
  • Aurista's exclusive LensCote™ coin protection locks in the beauty of the gold and silver finish for years to come. This advanced polymer offers crystal clear protection to coin surfaces which protects your coin from scratches so that Aurista Coin Classics can be enjoyed as fine jewelry.
  • Personalized engraving of watches and money clips
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Unique numbered signets
  • Money Back Guarantee:
    Aurista Coin Classics purchases have a Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Lifetime Limited Product Warranty:
    Aurista products are unconditionally warranted for life against manufacturing defects. Items subject to normal wear may be refurbished for a nominal charge.

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