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50 State Quarters Sterling Rope Necklaces NRR5-QUS2-24C5
50 State Quarters Sterling Rope Necklaces NRR5-QUS2-24C5

50 State Quarters Sterling Rope Necklaces NRR5-QUS2-24C5

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50 States Quarter coin necklace, 24kt gold and pure silver enhanced coin, genuine Swiss movement, lifetime warranty, uniquely numbered signet and certificate of authenticity.
Part Number: NRR5-QUS2-24C5
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Necklace featuring the popular 50 States Quarters mounted in a sterling silver French Rope frame and hung by a 24" 2.5mm diameter matching chain. Coins are protected with LensCote. Uniquely numbered signet, certificate of authenticity and lifetime warranty against defect. All 56 states and territories available.

50 State Quarters Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Puerto Rico Guam Mariana Islands American Samoa Virgin Islands NRR5-QAL2-24D5 NRR5-QAK2-24D5 NRR5-QAS2-24D5 NRR5-QAZ2-24D5 NRR5-QCA2-24D5 NRR5-QCO2-24D5 NRR5-QCT2-24D5 NRR5-QDC2-24D5 NRR5-QDE2-24D5 NRR5-QFL2-24D5 NRR5-QGA2-24D5 NRR5-QGU2-24D5 NRR5-QHI2-24D5 NRR5-QID2-24D5 NRR5-QIL2-24D5 NRR5-QIN2-24D5 NRR5-QIA2-24D5 NRR5-QKS2-24D5 NRR5-QKY2-24D5 NRR5-QLA2-24D5 NRR5-QME2-24D5 NRR5-QMH2-24D5 NRR5-QMD2-24D5 NRR5-QMA2-24D5 NRR5-QMI2-24D5 NRR5-QMN2-24D5 NRR5-QMS2-24D5 NRR5-QMO2-24D5 NRR5-QMT2-24D5 NRR5-QNE2-24D5 NRR5-QNV2-24D5 NRR5-QNH2-24D5 NRR5-QNJ2-24D5 NRR5-QNM2-24D5 NRR5-QNY2-24D5 NRR5-QNC2-24D5 NRR5-QND2-24D5 NRR5-QMP2-24D5 NRR5-QOH2-24D5 NRR5-QOK2-24D5 NRR5-QOR2-24D5 NRR5-QPA2-24D5 NRR5-QPR2-24D5 NRR5-QRI2-24D5 NRR5-QSC2-24D5 NRR5-QSD2-24D5 NRR5-QTN2-24D5 NRR5-QTX2-24D5 NRR5-QUT2-24D5 NRR5-QVT2-24D5 NRR5-QVI2-24D5 NRR5-QVA2-24D5 NRR5-QWA2-24D5 NRR5-QWV2-24D5 NRR5-QWI2-24D5 NRR5-QWY2-24D5 necklaces Necklaces

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