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50 State Quarters Mens Bracelet Coin Watch R111-QUS2-0
50 State Quarters Mens Bracelet Coin Watch R111-QUS2-0

50 State Quarters Mens Bracelet Coin Watch R111-QUS2-0

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50 states quarter mens coin watch, 24K gold enhanced dial, Swiss Quartz movement, stainless steel case, genuine leather strap.
Part Number: R111-QUS2-0
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Featuring 24K enhanced US state quarters watch dials and Swiss Quartz movements, these heirloom quality watches not only have classic good looks, enhanced with 3-microns of heavy 24k gold, they will continue to look sharp for many years. That is why we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty against defect, so you can fall in love with the watch or your grandchildren can. All watches come with a deluxe presentation box, unique numbered signet and certificate of authenticity.

Model number: R111-QUS2-0
Movement: Swiss quartz
Crystal: Mineral crystal
Dial coin: State Quarter
Dial finish: Silver & 24kt gold
Case material: Stainless-steel
Case diameter: 36mm
Band material: Genuine leather
Band width: 18mm
Water resistant depth: 100 ft.
Warranty type: Aurista Lifetime
Authenticity: Unique numbered signet and certificate
Gender: Male
Packaging: Aurista Presentation Box

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